Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A lovely puppy

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Timberley's (8W) erster Tag zu Hause am 20. Februar 2006
Originally uploaded by BroPetit.

Definitively I love the puppies. This little girl is making her "eyes for request a cookie" and I couldn´t say no.

Definitivamente me encantan los cachorros. Esta chiquilla está poniendo sus "ojitos de pedir galletas" y yo no podría decirle no.


BroPetit said...

Hi there and hola! Thanks for chosing our little Timberley for your site, she is rather gorgeous, don't you think ... ;-) It was her first day with us (and her very boisterous 18 month old "big brother" Tomo), so she was a little scared and nnot sure what was going on ... she's come overcome that phase ... !!! :-)) All the best, BroPetit.

Jarapets said...

Hi bropetit:

have you seen the next photo? Tomo is a good brother sharing his bed :D

Best regards.