Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ovid bites snow. I must try it.

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Ovid bites snow 1-23-05
Originally uploaded by mayopants.

Here you can see a beautiful german shepherd called Ovid biting the snow. I must try this. I may be funny. I usually run away when somebody throw me a snow ball.

Aquí podéis ver a un precioso pastor alemán llamado Ovid mordiendo la nieve. Tengo que probar esto. Parece divertido. Yo normalemente huyo cuando alguien me tira una bola de nieve.


Brett said...

Thanks for using the pic...that is my brother's dog, Ovid. He may drop by and comment too. Where in Spain are you? I've lived in Granada and walked el Camino de Santiago...

Jarapets said...

Hi Brett,

first of all, thank you for the pic, I wanna do a blog for all the
pet (specially dogs) lovers.

Now I live in Madrid, because work, but I was born and study
in Salamanca. Did you visit Salamanca?

I hope you like the blog and maybe I get more pics of Ovid If you
don`t have any problem about it.