Friday, March 31, 2006

¿Dónde te crees que vas?

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¿Dónde te crees que vas?, originally uploaded by jarapet.

Sometime ago, there were in house three little cats for a few days. I spent a very good time taking care of them. I acted like a good mom instinctively. I'll show you more photos.

Hace algún tiempo, estuvieron en casa tres gatitos durante unos días. Yo pasé un bueno rato cuidando de ellos. Actué como una buena madre instintivamente. Ya os enseñaré más fotos


JuliaR said...

Oh yes, we would like to see more cute photos like this one. Very sweet.

jarapets said...

I'll show you the photos soon. They were very very little and I felt like a big mother.