Friday, March 31, 2006

Dogs are NOT stupid!

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Dogs are NOT stupid!, originally uploaded by Rick Leche.

Like the title says, Dogs are not stupid. We can differentiate between a soft place to rest, and a very soft place to rest :D. Lotto show us the top of the comfort.

Como dice el título, los perros no son estúpidos. Podemos diferenciar entre un sitio suave para descansar y un sitio muy suave para descansar :D. Lotto nos muestra el tope del confort.


JuliaR said...

I loved this photo when Rick first put it up on Flickr. Lotto is also going to be a guide dog!

jarapets said...

Hey!!! you know everybody ;) Lotto will be a good guide dog too, because he knows how to find a good place :D