Friday, March 24, 2006

ear flap defies gravity

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ear flap defies gravity, originally uploaded by JuliaR.

Ladies and gentlemen, again with us:Rockwell. You know how much I respect and love Rockwell, because he'll be a guide dog. And after a large study I can say this: He loves those stairs. By the way, I have the same toy, in black.

Señoras y señores, de nuevo con nosotros: Rockwell. Sabéis cuánto respeto y quiero a Rockwell, porque él será un perro guía. Y después de un largo estudio, puedo decir: Le encantan esas escaleras. Por cierto, tengo el mismo juguete, en negro


JuliaR said...

The stairs get the sun in the early afternoon and they give him a vantage point over the rest of the house. He can see both upstairs and downstairs from the landing.

jarapets said...


he's a intelligent boy, he knows the best place all over the house. One point with sun and with control over the people, looking for someone to play with. If he can see the food from there, he's the best. All the good things controlled from one point.

Jara would kill for a place like that in the house.