Saturday, March 04, 2006

My worst enemy

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My worst enemy
Originally uploaded by jarapet.

I want to introduce you my worst enemy in life. It's a vacuum cleaner. All they hate me. I'm only bark when they begin to make that horrible noise. But I've learn how to stop it. A black button is the solution.

Quiero presentaros a mi peor enemigo en este vida. Es un aspirador. Todos ellos me odian. Yo sólo ladro cuando empiezan a hacer ese horrible ruido. Pero he aprendido cómo pararlo. Un botón negro es la solución


JuliaR said...

You are very clever Jara, if you have figured out that a button makes the vacuum turn off! Rockwell doesn't know that - he just attacks the machine when it makes all that noise.

Jarapets said...

Yes, it took some times but now I have the key to stop this evil machine. I usually stop it a couple of times and then I become quiet.