Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dog at the beach

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004, originally uploaded by baronchon.

This little puppy wants some funny time in the water...

Este pequeño cachorro quiere pasar un buen rato en el agua...


Eve said...

Aaawww that's is such a cute puppy. Look at those ears!!!

I found your blog through the dogs with blogs website and have added you to my Just Labs blog roll (which lists all the lab blogs around the world) I am so happy to have found you finally somebody from Europe. I am from New Zealand and my lab is just 5 months old and called Taz. Come and visit us if you like at

We'll be back to catch up on Jara

See you Taz & Eve

Jarapets said...

Glad you like the blog.

I've put a link to the blog of Taz in the page.

Regards :)

Eve said...

Hee cool! Thanks!
We'll be back to visit, I love all the gorgeous photos you take. I find it extremely hard to photograph Taz.

Taz & Eve