Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Green eyes and tongue

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P3080019, originally uploaded by jarapet.

I've been tagged so here are my 5 weird things/habits:
1.- In the car, when I'm toppled I get up in every curve to left, because I ALWAYS go with my tail in the left door.
2.- I love to stay rest against the computer, even in summer with a lot of hot.
3.- When somebody is taken a shower I stay there till the water is off, then I go out and look from the door.
4.- I love to bite the water from the hose, but when It gets me wet, I runaway.
5.- I believe that when I have the table over me, nobody can see me.



MJ's doghouse said...

You are a very handsme doggie...and you have very nice green is very difficutlt to hide under a glass must be very talented

Jarapets said...

Thanks... :)

Under that table only my head is hidden, but any other table in the house is good for me :D