Monday, September 04, 2006


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Digby 06, originally uploaded by mmmmmmmhhhhhhh.

When you are a little puppy, everything makes you crazy, but everything fears you too.

Cuando eres un pequeño cachorro, todo te vuelve loco, pero también todo te da miedo.


JuliaR said...

Don't you just want to kiss him all over??

Jarapets said...

Sure. It must be great to have this little boy with you in home.

Regards :)

JuliaR said...

I hope you don't mind but I think what you mean to say was that "everything scares him" or "everything frightens him". I am not trying to be critical, only helpful. I think it is great that you are writing in a language not your own, and I find your turns of phrases charming. Really.

Jarapets said...

I really appreciate your help Julia. The main reason for write in english is to practice it, and of course, to make the web accessible to more people.

Thanks for your comment and your help :)