Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm here

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I'm here, originally uploaded by jarapet.

Come on Jara... get out under bed and say hello to JuliaR. Jara thinks that Rockwell is a hero-dog. It's a hard moment, but the world will be much better for someone with Rockwell doing his word :)

Vamos Jara... sal de debajo de la cama y di hola a JuliaR. Jara piensa que Rockwell es un perro-héroe. Es un momento duro, pero el mundo será mucho mejor para alguien con Rockwell haciendo su trabajo :)


JuliaR said...

Thanks for peeking out from under the bed Jara. As soon as I find out how Rockwell is doing at school, I'll post it to my blog!

Jarapets said...

Hi JuliaR,

nice to see you again here :). We wait for Rockwell news :)