Friday, August 18, 2006


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Smiley, originally uploaded by Barsad.

A funny photo. This friend has a very funny smile and she's like a little bear :)

Una foto divertida. Esta amiga tiene una sonrisa muy simpática y es como una pequeña osita :)

Kobe at Medicine Lake

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Kobe at Medicine Lake, originally uploaded by uther pendragon.

What a place!!! And you are wet, that waters must be cold :). By the way, great photo.

¡Vaya sitio! Y estás mojado, esas aguas deben ser frías :). Por cierto, buena foto.

She's a lady

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She's a lady, originally uploaded by Björn Banan.

Like the song says... "She's a lady" and a very pretty one :)

Como dice la canción... "She's a lady" y muy guapa :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pretty labrador puppy

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, originally uploaded by Vicki & Chuck Rogers.

Ok mum... I'm a good boy... I'm seated... I won't do it a again :)

Vale mamá... soy un chico bueno... estoy sentado... no volveré a hacerlo :)

Yuki reflection

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Yuki reflection, originally uploaded by maud77.

A tired boy resting in a very clean floor... It seems a mirror

Un chico cansando descansando en un suelo muy limpio... Parece un espejo.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in the water

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Back in the water, originally uploaded by vagabondfcr.

Great action photo... That friends spent a good time playing in the water :D

Buena foto de acción... Esos amigos pasaron un buen rato jugando en el agua

Hidden dog

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DSC02222, originally uploaded by TjJos.

ssshhh!!!! We are playing and I've got a good place to stay hidden :)

sssshhhh!!! Estamos jugando y he encontrado un buen lugar para esconderse :)

Long boy

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000_0089.JPG, originally uploaded by BusyAsHell.

Hey!!! I'm a long boy... look :D

¡He! Soy un tipo muy largo.. .mirar.. :D


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Donut, originally uploaded by Wabana.

It's great to play with shoes (I really love it) but I thinks that this is too big for you my friend.

Es divertido jugar con los zapatos (a mi me encanta) pero creo que ese es muy grande para ti, amigo.

Green eyes and tongue

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P3080019, originally uploaded by jarapet.

I've been tagged so here are my 5 weird things/habits:
1.- In the car, when I'm toppled I get up in every curve to left, because I ALWAYS go with my tail in the left door.
2.- I love to stay rest against the computer, even in summer with a lot of hot.
3.- When somebody is taken a shower I stay there till the water is off, then I go out and look from the door.
4.- I love to bite the water from the hose, but when It gets me wet, I runaway.
5.- I believe that when I have the table over me, nobody can see me.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Tongue copy

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Tongue copy, originally uploaded by JtoTheAtotheMIE.

Look!!! I can touch my snout with the tongue :P... You silly human can't do it.

¡¡¡Mira!!! Puedo tocarme el hocico con la lengua. Tu no puedes hacerlo tonto humano

Dozing Off

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Dozing Off, originally uploaded by Waldron Faulkner.

This hot days get all my energy away

Estos calurosos días me quitan toda la energía

Lookin for cookies

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Lookin for cookies, originally uploaded by stellaretriever.

Come on... tell me where are that cookies... I can smell them :)

Vamos... dime dónde están esas galletas... puedo olerlas :)